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Greater Portfolio Variety

Existing one-size-fits-all passive solutions offer poor returns compared to the broad range of passive, automated, and systematic investing solutions we have to offer.

Investment Outperformance

We develop fundamentally sound, research backed investing strategies that outperform our top competitors in annual returns and risk reduction.

Lower Management Fees

Our internal development & trading platform LIFT allows us to provide far greater strategy diversity and complexity with substantially lower operating costs than competitors.


Each strategy is developed through a rigorous internal process that is detailed below:

  • Research

    The strategy design process begins with extensive research into new and innovative mathematical and statistical investing techniques by our team of accomplished Mathematicians, Physicists, and Economists.

  • Coding

    Once a topic of research is considered viable, our algorithm development team begins to convert the research thesis into a realtime tradeable strategy. Our in-house platform LIFT makes this process efficient and seamless.

  • Backtesting

    Before releasing any strategy, our algorithm review team first extensively backtest the performance and then make any necessary revisions. This ensures that all of our strategies are market-tested and optimized.

  • Deployment

    Our internal trading engine ensures that all algorithms run seamlessly and efficiently. We deploy all of our strategies to the Amazon Web Service Cloud to ensure maximum up-time and security.