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Benefits of Investing with Us

Use Your Own Brokerage Account

We link to brokerage accounts at most major brokerage firms, and you can unlink your account at any time at no cost. There's no lock-in!

Lowest Cost in the Industry

Our automated investing technology lets us offer asset allocation services at a lower cost than the former cost leader, Vanguard.

Diverse Investment Offerings

We offer dozens of pre-built investment portfolios and strategies suitable for every goal.

Unlimited Portfolio Customization

Unlike other online investing providers, you can customize your investments however you'd like, such as choosing socially responsible stocks and bonds.

Save Hours of Time

Our automated systems and experts work day after day to ensure you have the best returns, so you can spend your time doing things you love.

Experience Better Performance

Because you save money with our best-in-industry fees and optimized investing systems, you can experience increased investment performance.

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How it Works

Step 1: Create a brokerage account if you need a new one
Step 2: Link your brokerage account to your Antigravity account
Step 3: Select your investment portfolio and start investing!

Supported Brokers

We currently support Interactive Brokers, with Fidelity, E*Trade, Vanguard, Ally Invest, DriveWealth, TradeStation, and more brokers coming soon!

Investment Styles

Buy and hold investing, dollar cost averaging, value investing, smart beta investing, active investing, and more!

Easy Account Management

You choose when we send you email reminders to remind you to log into our website so we can update your investments.

Investment Advice

You can choose from our offerings or use our advising tool which will give you a custom recommendation.


Choose Your Advisory Plan

Advisory plans help people new to investing.


$1per $8k / month

Cheaper than all competitors, including Vanguard Target Retirement funds and Betterment. Only 0.15% per year.

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Rise Plus

$2per $8k / month

Gain access to priority email support and the ability to customize your portfolio at any time. Only 0.30% per year.

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Rise Safely

$3per $8k / month

Gain access to features that aim to reduce losses by increasing diversification during turbulent times. Only 0.45% per year.

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Alternatively, choose from 100+ professionally-managed investment strategies in our investing marketplace! Create an account to begin.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Antigravity Investments?

Antigravity Investments is an online investing company based in San Francisco and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a registered investment advisor (RIA). Our technology and social impact potential has been recognized by American Express, the former head of Schwab.com, the social entrepreneurship organization Ashoka, and leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

We help people and organizations invest with lower fees and higher returns by combining the latest investing research and techniques with automated systems that radically reduce the cost of providing investment advice. For example, academic research has indicated checking investment allocations daily for opportunities to increase diversification can increase returns by around 0.5% annually. Our automated systems enable us to do this at the lowest costs in the industry.

Betterment, Wealthfront, and other so-called "robo-advisors" are good at providing financial advice, but not good at providing investment management advice and services. Their recommended portfolios are more expensive than ours and use outdated investing methodologies. Both of these factors cause their clients to experience lower returns.

These "robo-advising" companies offer services that help you retire at a certain time, just like target-date mutual funds, which are considerably cheaper alternatives. Antigravity Investments uses new technology to offer better services that are cheaper than both robo-advisors and target-date funds.

Antigravity Investments connects to people's investment accounts (brokerage accounts), at major brokerage firms. We are starting with Interactive Brokers and will soon support Fidelity, E*Trade, Vanguard, Ally Invest, DriveWealth, and TradeStation, with more brokers on the way. Users can create an account on the Antigravity Investments website, and after linking a brokerage account, they can use our advisor service or investing marketplace to choose an investing portfolio to invest with.

Yes to all of the above! We support over 170 countries via our partner brokerage firm Interactive Brokers—the full list of supported countries is available here. We also support organizations; simply open a regular user account to get started, no special setup needed. Investment advisors: please get in touch to explore our services which include automated asset management for your clients and a white label robo-advising service.

Each strategy at Antigravity Investments has a different annual management fee. All management fees are visible before you choose to invest with a strategy. We bill users when our system connects to and places trades in a user's brokerage account. Our billing formula is (length of time since last rebalance) * (annual management fee adjusted for the length of time since last rebalancing). We directly bill user brokerage accounts, and will also support the popular billing system Stripe in the near future, which supports all major credit cards.

Contact our support team by emailing [email protected]

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