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Our mission is to drive millions of dollars to social causes by helping nonprofits, donors, and other parts of the charitable sector invest more effectively.

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Benefits of Investing with Us

Easily Open New Brokerage Accounts Online

We work with the brokerage firms Folio Institutional and Interactive Brokers to allow clients to open new brokerage accounts with a simple online application. Accounts come with an online portal to view and manage investments.

Compatible with Existing Brokerage Accounts

We can manage accounts at certain third-party brokerage firms like Vanguard. For brokerage firms we don't support, cash and investments from other accounts can be easily transferred online to our supported brokerage firms.

Low Costs and Fees

Our mission is to increase charitable investment returns and reduce fees. We utilize a lean operating model to reduce our management fee as much as possible and employ advanced technology that can eliminate the fees charged by certain investment methods entirely.

Diverse Investment Offerings and Fully Customized Portfolios

We offer 100+ investment strategies and fully customized portfolios that can fit every account size, financial goal, and investing style. This includes $10K–$10B account sizes, 100 day–100 year investment timelines, and passive, active, and ESG investing styles.

Save Staff Time and Invest with Higher Expertise

Our automated systems work 24/7 to identify and pursue investment opportunities. Our experts spend thousands of hours thinking of how to optimize investment performance, allowing your staff to focus on their respective areas of expertise.

Experience Better Performance

We utilize the latest academic research on improving investment returns and take advantage of the tax benefits nonprofits gain when investing to optimize your organization's investment performance. Our low fees boost our after-fee performance ahead of other services.

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How it Works

Step 1: Create a new brokerage account if needed
Step 2: Share your investment goals with us
Step 3: Fund your account and begin investing!

Supported Brokers

We currently support Folio Institutional, Interactive Brokers, and Vanguard, with more brokers like Fidelity and Schwab coming soon!

Investment Styles

Buy and hold investing, dollar cost averaging, value investing, smart beta investing, active investing, and more!

Easy Account Management

Our online portal supports easy account deposits and withdrawals, performance reporting, and tax reporting.

Investment Advice

We offer a wide range of investment options and fully customize portfolios to meet client needs.


Primary Investment Options

Options for the most common needs we see.

Short-Term Cash Reserves

0.25%approx. fee

A checking or savings account is often a poor choice for cash reserves, losing over 2% every year compared to other options with very similar risk levels. We help clients maximize their yield.

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Long-Term Passive Investing

0.5%approx. fee

Passive investing generates good returns over long time periods. We employ techniques like direct indexing and algorithmic portfolio rebalancing to increase passive investing returns.

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Long-Term Active Investing

0.5%starting fee

We combine the tax advantages of nonprofit investing with sophisticated evidence-based investing strategies to improve performance and significantly lower losses in bear markets.

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Value Guarantee: We strive to be the best option for charitable investing. Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about how our service can create value for your organization—we tailor our services to address the specific needs of clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Antigravity Investments?

Antigravity Investments is a social enterprise with the mission of driving millions of additional dollars to charitable causes by leveraging effective investing to grow charitable funds. We are based in San Francisco and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a registered investment advisor (RIA).

Our technology and social impact potential has been recognized by American Express, the former head of, the social entrepreneurship organization Ashoka, and leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. We combine sophisticated evidence-based investing strategies with automated systems that radically reduce the cost of providing investment advice. For example, academic research has indicated checking investment allocations daily for opportunities to increase diversification can increase returns by around 0.5% annually.

Antigravity Investments helps new and experienced investors alike. Our partnership with Folio Institutional allows clients that do not have a brokerage account to create a new brokerage account that our firm can manage via a simple online application. We can manage existing brokerage accounts at brokers like Interactive Brokers and Vanguard. For brokers we do not yet support, Folio Institutional allows accounts at other brokerage firm to be easily transferred over via our online client portal.

Once we are able to interact with a client's brokerage account, the client can select from a range of investment options, or we can create a personalized portfolio for the client. We assist with the ongoing management of the brokerage account—clients do not need to place trades to rebalance the account or adjust the portfolio to account for changing investment goals or economic conditions.

We typically customize costs for each client depending on their needs and the sophistication of the investing approach. For example, managing portfolios at third-party brokerage firms is much more time consuming than having clients create accounts under Folio Institutional. In the billing section on our website, we provide approximate price estimations for managing portfolios aimed to achieve different types of investing goals.

For accounts at our brokerage partners Folio Institutional and Interactive Brokers, billing is handled directly out of the client brokerage account by our partner brokerage firm. If we are managing an account at a third-party brokerage firm that does not support billing, we will issue an invoice with bank account, debit card, and credit card payment options.

Contact our support team by emailing [email protected] We are happy to answer any questions about our service.

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