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Antigravity Investments has global contributors but is primarily based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We have advisors from Goldman Sachs, quantitative hedge funds, and investment advisory firms.

Brendon Wong CEO
Brendon ran the international social enterprise Silicon Rainforest before founding Antigravity Investments using his background in investing, technology, and business management.
Scott Post CTO
Scott worked as the Director of Software Development at Capital Investments at UC Berkeley before joining Antigravity Investments, where he works on investing algorithms and LIFT development.
Ben Pence Technical Lead
Ben draws on his software development and web security expertise from Twitter and the Department of Defense to ensure the quality and security of our web apps and investment algorithms.
Uri Katz Web Developer
Uri applies 15+ years of software engineering and web development experience from government, corporate, and startup positions in his role developing Antigravity Investments' web app.

Kevin Liu Quantitative Algorithm Developer
Kevin was Head of Equity Research at FEC at UC Berkeley, and exercises his financial knowledge to strategically develop and optimize our investment algorithms.


Our platform is designed to be used by all investors.
Whether you are a private investor or investment manager, our strategies will work for you.

I love Antigravity Investments' emphasis on algorithm performance, unlike other robo-advisors, and had a great experience with their one-on-one customer support.

Joel Muiriki

Antigravity Investments offers a completely unique investor experience. Their customizable algorithms begin to level the playing field between professional and amateur investors.

Jay Aurora